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Pepperberry Leaf

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Pepperberry Leaf


An ancient Australian bush herb used by Australia’s first people for a millennia to add flavour into food and drinks. A bush food used in a tea brew to treat oral infections plus also as an antioxidant rich health tonic.

It has an earthy spicy taste with a touch of heat and is an excellent product to use in replacement of normal pepper or chilli powders. Its particularly good as a rub on red meat or in sausages or for use in any hearty savory dishes like stews or soups.

In tea, just adding a tiny pinch of leaves to any brew to add some heat an increase the flavour and health benefits. For those who like chilli teas this is a great product for you.

XO Tea strives to support local farming efforts Australia wide. By purchasing this product we are able to provide a direct contribution back to the community and to assist them to build a  sustainable, long term business.

1000 serves/kg

20 – 40mm leaves

Origin – VIC, Australia

Taste: Earthy and spicy

Ingredients: Wild harvested Mountain pepper leaf

50g loose leaf


1 tsp

1 cup


10 mins

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