We really do think XO’s are a cut above any other tea on the market. The quality, taste and smell are simply sensational. We love that you can see the individual dried leaves of tea, instead of the crush of dust you see in commercial tea brands.

After introducing my Mum to your earl grey, she told me she calls it her ‘Happy Tea’. After asking her why, she said it’s because it makes her so happy.

We enjoy all the teas with a slice of lemon, a beautiful way to start the morning, have a break in the afternoon, or enjoy on the couch in the evening as we wind down from the day. The night tea is a beautiful herbal mix, that tastes delicious, and is now part of my nightly wind down routine to relax and get ready for bed.

But one of the best things about XO is that when we purchase the teas we know we are supporting a locally owned small business, and organic as well!

The glass teapot is the BEST teapot I have used and own, and I own many.

It keeps my tea warm for such a long time, so it’s nice to brew a pot before starting work at home, and have it there during the morning. I love that it’s made of glass and I can see the beautiful colour of the tea and my lemon slices in it.

Aisling L | WA, Australia - 24/09/2020

I just wanted to send through a thanks for not only the quick shipment, but the touching message on the inside of the box about supporting local businesses.
Of course! We have to support each other through these insane times and, by the way, you make it super easy to support you because your tea is the bomb! We can’t live without it!

Milly S | NSW, Australia - 21/07/2020

Great prices and even better customer service. Julep is the only flavoured tea I have ever liked!

Lauren M | WA, Australia - 10/07/2020

Delicious flavors in the Seven Sisters Chai. A perfect blend which is not too sweet. I’ll be buying more!

Alana S | WA, Australia - 29/06/2020

Love the Native Uplift tea. My husband can't live without it. Really helps with night time cramps.

Sharyn C | WA, Australia - 27/06/2020

Love every variety I've tried. First bought at the Perth Royal Show 2 years ago. Currently loving the Native Uplift tea.

Cindy LB | WA, Australia - 27/06/2020

So glad I bought your tea it’s amazing! I wanted to buy all the flavours lol but I started with 2 today. The Licorice tummy tea is so nice, I had it went I got home and then tried the breakfast tea both delicious!! I am wanting to go back tomorrow and buy the citrus one I tried today, so disappointed I didn’t grab it when I was there. I also love love love my little tea pot with the candle warmer this is perfect for me to have throughout the day to offer to my clients as I’m a beauty therapist and it’s just that little added extra I can offer them to relax when they come for a treatment. Looking forward to buying many more teas from you.

Lauren M | WA, Australia - 24/06/2020

5 stars for the Organic Breakfast Tea and the Seven Sister's Chai. I look forward to waking up to a smooth Organic Breakfast Tea every morning! Absolutely love XO's tea range and highly recommend it - something for all tea lovers

Jaimie E | WA, Australia - 22/06/2020

Excellent service, delicious tea and great value. Will be buying from XO tea again.

Fiona N | WA, Australia - 21/06/2020

Simply love the Organic Breakfast Tea, any time of the day. Smooth, soothing, delightful. I would also recommend the Organic American Peppermint Tea. A refreshing, defining taste, the best peppermint tea ever. XO teas are just the best.

Linda E | WA, Australia - 20/06/2020

One of the nicest and freshest Earl Grey teas I have tasted! I love the flavour and the cornflowers definitely make all the difference. I love the packaging too! Thanks so much for my delicious tea!

Hannah L | NSW, Australia - 19/06/2020

"Waking up to the brilliant taste of their organic breakfast tea well.. you can't go wrong. Also love the fact that they are NASAA organic certified and use biodegradable bags!"

Daniel G | WA, Australia - 18/06/2020

Some of the best tasting tea I have ever had. Coming from a family of tea lovers, and a wife who owns a cafe, the comments from the family have been that this could be the most exceptional tea they have ever had. The fact that it is organic is an added bonus.

Dave M | NY, United States - 06/06/2020

XO Tea was so easy to deal with. Being busy at work they made the situation of buying easy. I logged onto their website and called Arjun. He was more than happy to meet everything I needed and also had it posted to me the next day. Not only are they convenient for buying but the teas are amazing and full of flavour.

James D | WA, Australia - 29/05/2020

Having been gifted some XO tea, (Having not drunk tea for about 40 years). I tried it and really enjoyed it, I'm now drinking it everyday. My personal favourite so far is Golden Goddess. Their service during Covid has been great

William B | WA, Australia - 14/05/2020

I absolutely love this company, we first bought some of the tea bags at the Royal Show and then found XO tea online. The Golden Goddess turmeric tea is so delicious and I also recently tried the Seven Sisters masala chai and highly recommend both of these teas, can't wait to try more!

Dione W | WA, Australia - 13/05/2020

I love your teas. 5 stars. Great product. Best earl grey I have ever tasted! Fast and efficient service and delivery. Wonderful product. Keep up the great work

Lynda C | WA, Australia - 11/05/2020

LOVE XO teas. Delicious tea - I particularly like the Casablanca. Also, absolutely the most beautiful packaging ever.

Holly B | WA, Australia - 27/05/2020

I love the Daybed - lemongrass & ginger and California Current - peppermint teas. The organic herbal teas supplied by XO are blended with aromatic fresh ingredients that help me with pain/stress relief, weight loss and are a great source of detox if I’m feeling unwell.

Tracey A | WA, Australia - 17/05/2020

We have tried a number of XO teas: Aurora Organic Night Time Tea, Iron Goddess Tribute Oolong, Akacia Organic Rooibos Honey Bush & Vanilla, Seven Sisters Organic Masala Chai. None of them have been disappointing, they are all very different but absolutely delicious. We can’t wait to try some more of your teas!

Pia H | WA, Australia - 11/05/2020

Excellent service, delicious tea and great value. Will be buying from XO tea again.

Fiona N | WA, Australia - 09/05/2020

Love your teas! Will have to order some again soon or pop into a store when I'm NOR.

Really enjoy the Lemongrass and Ginger. Nice way to start the day with a relaxing and calming tea

The Detox tea is also very nice with a hint of licorice flavour.

Nathan D | WA, Australia - 07/05/2020

I love your products and my girlfriend can’t get enough of your turmeric tea. I am more than happy to leave a 5 star review. I am definitely keen to keep purchasing from you.

Jayden B | WA, Australia - 03/05/2020

Bought a gift set with the stainer and it came beautifully packaged. The teas were a gift but I bought an Oolong for myself and it’s just right - doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste (I don’t like my teas too strong as well)

Beverlee L | WA, Australia - 02/05/2020

I am really enjoying the Native Uplift tea. Its replaced my standard afternoon peppermint. I feel energized after drinking it!

Lucy D | WA, Australia - 29/04/2020

I bought the organic lemongrass and ginger tea and the organic green tea, mint and strawberry tea and they were both amazing. I especially loved the green tea, mint and strawberry - the smell was incredible but it tasted even better. Delicious!

Maria D | WA, Australia - 26/04/2020

I was looking for clean, vibrant in fragrance, smooth, organic green and black teas. I’ve always been a tea drinker and enjoy a nice cup of tea in the morning and evening before bed. I purchased from XO Teas the Organic Detox Green Tea, Organic First Flush Darjeeling Tea, Organic Earl Grey Tea, and Australian Citrus Tea. To my delight on sipping my first cup, the tea met my expectations. The Australian Citrus was smooth and calming before bed and the Earl Grey was bold and uplifting for my morning tea. These teas are wonderful with or without sweeteners. I used a little monk fruit at times, but is not necessary. Just a preference. I hope you enjoy XO Teas as much as I do.

Tammy S | WI, United States - 20/04/2020

We were first introduced to XO tea at Joondalup shopping centre where the staff were extremely friendly, knowledgeable and gave us plenty of samples to try. Since purchasing the loose leaf tea from you guys we have never turned back!! Absolutely love the Masala Chia Tea, Organic Breakfast tea and also the ice tea varieties. They are excellent quality teas and will continue to support this great small business.

Ricky W | WA, Australia - 18/04/2020

I purchase the organic hibiscus, apple, lemon myrtle & raspberry, and also the organic peppermint! The best tea I have ever had! I love ending my day with a relaxing peppermint tea! Thank you, XO TEA!!!

Shannen H | WA, Australia - 15/04/2020

I get the organic early grey and green tea. Beautifully fresh and fragrant teas. Thoughtfully and pleasingly packaged.

Arjun extremely responsive and helpful when I made detailed inquires requiring considerable patience.

Christine K | SA, Australia - 10/04/2020

I buy the nighttime tea and the organic turmeric anti inflammatory tea bags. Both are fantastic. XO Teas taste as good as the the packaging looks. I absolutely love the tea blends and there’s lots of variety with flavours, I
can’t go without!

Mykala W | WA, Australia - 02/04/2020

I have been taking XO Tea for a while and it is the most amazing tea I have had. I have converted from a coffee drinker to drinking XO Tea. XO Tea is very refreshing and invigorating especially after a meal. I have had other teas but none have made me feel refreshed and complete like XO tea.

Fernanda C | WA, Australia - 01/04/2020

When my friends come over for a catch up we love the anti-inflammatory turmeric tea,
my favourite tea is the green detox
we get ours delivered all the way to coastal victoria

Jess B | VIC, Australia - 01/04/2020

Its amazing and l loved it!

Buhlebethu T | WA, Australia - 29/03/2020

My daughter and I love the XO Marsala Chai tea so much that we now buy it online in a pack of 100 teabags! It's the best Chai tea we have found, it's like drinking in a big warm hug and is so delicious. We also love that we are supporting an Australian company. My daughter also enjoys the XO Green Tea with Roasted Rice and the Green Tea with Strawberry & Mint. We always recommend XO Teas to friends & family and have introduced many people to your wonderful Perth brand of teas.

Penny S | WA, Australia - 28/03/2020

We like to support local business, and XO make that really easy by offering excellent product. In particular the Masala Chai and Jasmine Green have found permanent homes in our tea collection.

Zachery B | WA, Australia - 24/03/2020

I love the Royal Breakfast tea. I have tried both the loose leaf and tea bags and they are the best in that variety that I have tried.
I love the strength and purity of the flavour of the tea and I would be happy to recommend this product to anyone.

Jeannie C | WA, Australia - 23/01/2020

I have been drinking XO Julep tea every day now since I discovered its delicious flavour. Arj from XO even went as far as to source some stock from a local retailer when stock was out on the website. That's what I call Service!

Karen D | VIC, Australia - 10/01/2020

I buy both Aurora XO Organic Night Time Tea in Pyramid bags as well as Aurora XO Loose Leaf Organic Night Time Tea. These products are helpful for me to get a good night’s rest and wake refreshed.

Alan M | QLD, Australia - 03/01/2020

I tried the XO sleep tea at the Perth Royal Show and have been drinking it ever since. Not only is it delicious, but it is helping me to have the best sleep I've had in years. I like that it comes in both a tea bag format and loose leaf and I use both. I've also recommended this to friends who have tried and purchased it also. Great easy to use website and fast, reasonably priced postage. Highly recommend giving it a try.

Kate H | WA, Australia - 07/11/2019

With so many to choose from it’s hard to pick a favourite when I’m shopping at my local grocery, but I can’t go passed the Julep. It hits the spot morning or evening, so full of flavour. Keep up the good work!

Tim G | WA, Australia - 12/12/2019

I love the Empress Earl Grey tea- my favourite.

Jill D | WA, Australia - 10/09/2019


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