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Native Lemongrass
Native Lemongrass
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Lemongrass Native Australian

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Australian Native Lemongrass is an aromatic grass, with a strong citrus odour, traditionally used in First people medicine to treat flu symptoms, chest infections and skin sores. The stalks and leaves may be used in tea or as a fragrant flavouring ingredient in soups, curries, sauces, marinades and cakes. As a medical herb, the leaves and roots of the Native Lemongrass can be combined with hot water as a steam inhalation remedy for colds and chest congestion. They may also be rubbed on the body to help treat aches, pains and skin sores. Native Lemongrass tea is comparable to aspirin in its effectiveness at treating headaches and inflammation.

To use this product take a small pinch of leaves, crush in the palm of your hand, then infuse in boiling water.

XO Tea strives to support local farming efforts Australia wide. By purchasing this product we are able to provide a direct contribution back to the community and to assist them to build a  sustainable, long term business.

1000 serves/kg

50- 150mm stalks

Origin – SA, Australia

Taste: Light and fresh with a notable aroma and taste lemon cordial and lemon zest

Ingredients: Wild harvested native lemongrass


1 tsp

1 cup


10 mins

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3 reviews for Lemongrass Native Australian

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  1. Nice and tasty

  2. Very refreshing tea. Would order again

  3. Slightly confused as according to your photo here the lemongrass would be in small snipped parts. Mine arrived in 10 to 12 cm long heads of grass with the fluffy head etc still attached and had to be snipped. It was difficult to handle and was just long stem pushed into the container. I did write to you about it and was told that it wasn’t snipped into reasonable sections due to a loss of oils etcetera as this was native lemongrass and fluffy heads remained on product. Happy for that explanation however may be a true photo should be put with the native lemongrass in future. Mild taste but very nice.

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