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Jilungin – Native Sleeping Herb
Jilungin – Native Sleeping Herb
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Jilungin Tea – Native Sleeping Herb

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Jilungin Tea – Native Sleeping Herb – Jilungin is an ancient Australian bush herb used by Australia’s first people for a millennia to calm the mind and promote a longer deeper sleep. Foraged by the Nykina people located in Australia’s northern Kimberly region and sourced directly from them this product is a rare find. Neville Poelina, elder of the Nykina people says taking this product every night will help relieve anxiety and help keep you asleep.

XO Tea strives to support local farming efforts Australia wide. By purchasing this product we are able to provide a direct contribution back to the community and to assist them to build a  sustainable, long term business.

We recommend you take 2 or 3 leaves/bark/twigs, crush it in the palm of your hand and infuse in a short cup (200ml) of boiling water for 10 minutes.  When you drink this tea and fall asleep, it will promote a deeper sleep where you don’t wake up often during the night.  Drink the tea before bed and repeat every night for 2 weeks to see if this tea works for you.

1000 serves/kg

40 – 100mm leaves

Origin – WA, Australia

Taste: Smooth and light with an earthy herbal taste

Ingredients: Wild harvested Jilungin*

*May contain tree nuts


1 tsp

1 cup


10 mins

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21 reviews for Jilungin Tea – Native Sleeping Herb

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  1. I haven’t seen any improvement in my sleep since I started drinking this a week ago. However the service from XO Tea was very good.

  2. Excellent tea

  3. I have been using thiis tea for a couple of years now and would have to say these leaves are far stronger than anything I’ve used before. I bought the tea bags because I’ve never been sure about how much to use. It is a convenient but expensive way of buying it and now that I know that the leaves are strong I will probably buy it loose.

  4. Loving the tea!

  5. It really works to get you to sleep and feeling great

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