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Hibiscus Tea Certified Organic

(15 customer reviews)



Full flavored, fruity and tart this organic hibiscus is well known to assist lowering blood pressure, fight off bacterial infections and help detoxing the bladder and kidneys. A product that is sought-after for its intense flavour and bright red colour. Also used as a natural dye or for food colouring.

3 – 6mm leaves

500 serves/kg

Origin – Egypt

As part of our online bulk tea offering, our organic hibiscus tea is available in 500g up to 5000kg. Select a size below or contact us for special volume requests.

Taste Bold, full flavored, acidic and tart

Ingredients Organic hibiscus flower

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15 reviews for Hibiscus Tea Certified Organic

  1. Raymond Vaughan (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with tea

  2. Jane (verified owner)

  3. Rani (verified owner)

    Arrived fast, tastes great! Thanks!

  4. Linda H. (verified owner)

    Fresh, quality product

  5. Anthony A. (verified owner)

  6. Ana (verified owner)

  7. Kogkon B. (verified owner)

    Enjoying the tea. 🙂 easy delivery

  8. emma (verified owner)

    I gave this as a gift for someone with high blood pressure.

  9. Monika (verified owner)

    really good tea full of colour and flavour.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Kirsten K. (verified owner)

    Good quality hibiscus tea and speedy delivery.

  12. John Reichel (verified owner)

    Your very professional company I will recommend you to all my friends everything is excellent thanks

  13. Darko Rokvic (verified owner)

  14. Nalini (verified owner)

  15. Lisa (verified owner)

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