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Peppermint Gum
Peppermint Gum
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Peppermint Gum


Peppermint Gum – An ancient Australian bush herb used by Australia’s first people for a millennia to add flavour into food and drinks. A bush food from the eucalyptus family used in a tea brew to treat fevers, calm the digestive system and enhance liver function. Our Aboriginals used to use it to flavour meat, add into drinks and even chew it like chewing gum.

It has a fresh eucalyptus mint aroma and taste. Its an excellent addition into any tea where you want to freshen up the flavour. Just adding a tiny pinch of leaves to any tea brew, will add levels of flavour and complexity to simple green, black and herbal teas. Our tea maker is particularly fond of this product.

For food, its nice as a rub on fish plus a wonderful addition in salad dressings.

XO Tea strives to support local farming efforts Australia wide. By purchasing this product we are able to provide a direct contribution back to the community and to assist them to build a  sustainable, long term business.

1000 serves/kg

20 – 40mm leaves

Origin –  Australia

Taste: Aromatic and fresh with notes of mint

Ingredients: Wild harvested peppermint gum

Size: 50g loose leaf


1 tsp

1 cup


10 mins

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