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Mugwort Tea Certified Organic
Mugwort Tea Certified Organic
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Mugwort Tea Certified Organic

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Mugwort Tea Certified Organic – Mugwort has long been used in ancient cultures. Its one of the most important ingredients in the Chinese acupuncture process of Moxibustion. Also commonly used for headaches, nosebleeds, nerve issues, fever and insomnia.

500 serves/kg

2 – 10 mm leaves

Origin -Albania

Taste Medium bodied, astringent and earthy

Ingredients Certified Organic Mugwort

Botanical Name: Artemisia vulgaris

Why Choose Organic Tea? – Certified Organic teas and herbs are grown for a minimum three year period without using any harmful synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Enjoy knowing you are choosing the best for your body.



1 tbsp (1g)



1 mins

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5 reviews for Mugwort Tea Certified Organic

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  1. Great tea

  2. Wonderful organic product, I drink it daily.

  3. Love this. So good after big meal and has nice earthy taste. Lovely with other teas too.

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