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Bulk Black Tea Certified Organic
Bulk Black Tea Certified Organic
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Bulk Black Tea Certified Organic

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Bulk Black Tea Certified Organic – An easy drinking black tea hailing from a growing collective in South India. Grown by monks this product has become a popular black tea grade not only as a breakfast tea but for beverage manufacturing. A very well balanced product, which provides good colour and balanced tannin whilst also having a smooth drinking profile.

3 – 8 mm rolled leaves

500 serves/kg

Origin – Kerala, India

Harvest – All year

As part of our online bulk tea offering, our brewers black tea is available in 5kg up to 5000kg. Select a size above or contact us for special volume requests.

Taste Medium bodied, with good colour and balance tannin

Ingredients Organic black tea

Why Choose Organic Tea? – Certified Organic teas and herbs are grown for a minimum three year period without using any harmful synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Enjoy knowing you are choosing the best for your body.


1 tea bag / 1 tsp



5 mins

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9 reviews for Bulk Black Tea Certified Organic

  1. Garima Mittal (verified owner)

  2. Jo (verified owner)

    Really – Good – I know where I will be buying all my teas from now.

  3. alison b. (verified owner)

    Excellent tea. Not normally a black tea drinker. Won over now. Thank you

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Ruth Everitt (verified owner)

  6. Neale (verified owner)

    It’s nice tasting

  7. Ruth Everitt (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ve been steadily switching my diet to organic. The general trend is that organic counterparts taste better than non organic. They just have more flavour. Sometimes the difference is really worrying. What kind of argicultural practices take flavour away?

    THIS TEA is another example, compared to supermarket tea, this tea has more depth to it. It tastes great, I may or may not add 1 teaspoon of sugar to a pot of this, more so because I’ve been so used to adding sugar to inferior tea to add flavour. I’ll be buying it ad infinitum. My mother said it brought memories of the old days when her father would boil tea leaves on the stove.

  9. Gilbert (verified owner)

    A beautiful base upon which you can build your own blend.

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