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Darjeeling Tea Snowview 2nd Flush Certified Organic

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Darjeeling Tea Snowview 2nd Flush Certified Organic



Snowview tea garden is nestled between the Kingdom of Bhutan and the Himalayans plains. Its 150 years old and is known for its cultivation of both organic tea and being a bio-diversity hotspot. Elephants regularly traverse the tea garden to access the neighboring river.  Its certified organic and certified fair trade. This second flush grade is a fantastic entry level product. Its bright in taste with a red cup colour and soft woody notes.

500 serves per kg

Grade – FTGFOP1

Re-infuse 3 times

Origin – Darjeeling, India

Taste  Fresh, bold with light woody notes

Ingredients Organic Darjeeling black tea


1 tbsp (2g)



5 mins

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