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Darjeeling Tea Selimbong 2nd Flush Certified Organic

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Darjeeling Tea Selimbong 2nd Flush Certified Organic



Selimbong tea garden is a biodynamic garden 1600m above sea level on the Indian Nepal border. It was planted in 1866 and is known for its cultivation of both organic tea and orchids. Its certified organic and certified fair trade. Its highly regarded for its second flush crop which hails from trees planted 150 years ago by the British.  This second flush grade is superb.  It has a brights red cup colour and the liquor is fresh, buttery and fruity with notes pine wood. Its an extremely satisfying cup of tea and our teamakers favorite.

500 serves per kg

Grade – FTGFOP1

Re-infuse 3 times

Origin – Darjeeling, India

Taste  Fresh, buttery and fruity

Ingredients Organic Darjeeling black tea


1 tbsp (2g)



5 mins

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